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Florida health insurance rates vary quite a bit from one Florida health insurance company to another. Florida health insurance premiums are based on the age of the applicant, the home/business zip code, the number of family members, health status (smoker vs. non smoker, height and weight guidelines, etc.), the type of health insurance plan (Florida guaranteed issue HIPAA plan vs. Florida individual health insurance vs. Florida group health insurance vs. Florida self employed health insurance), and other factors. With so many different underwriting and demographic factors contributing to the calculation of your FL health insurance cost – which type of plan should you choose and from which insurance company?

There is no one right answer for all Florida residents. Everyone’s situation is different and many have unique needs. Diabetics, those who are pregnant, those who are small business owners or self employed, those with families, and students all have potentially different needs and concerns in choosing a Florida health insurance plan. This is why it is so vitally important to work with a Florida independent health insurance agent that can show you Florida health insurance quotes from many top FL health insurance companies including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Golden Rule United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, Continental General, Fortis Assurant, United American, and others. Use our free FL health quote comparison service to compare quote from many different insurance companies side by side.

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We all know that Florida health insurance can be expensive – especially if you just grab the first health insurance plan that you come across but did you know that there are many different ways to find affordable and yes, even cheap Florida health insurance? Many people pay too much for health care in Florida simply because they do not know any better. Now it is important to find a plan that has comprehensive benefits and covers the things that are important to you as we don’t want to just grab a cheap plan from a company with a reputation of not paying claims (such as Mega Life and Health Insurance Company or some of the other companies with a less than favorable reputation). So that being said, it is important to choose a FL health insurance plan with the right mix of comprehensive benefits and affordability – not just the cheapest plan that we can find.

So what are some ways to save money on Florida health insurance? First of all, you can choose a Florida individual health insurance plan over a Florida group health insurance plan (unless of course you have an employer that will pay most or all of the premium cost for your group health plan – note that if the employer does not offer to pay the premium for your spouse or kids then maybe they would be better off with a Florida individual health insurance plan). Florida individual health insurance plans are much cheaper than a similar Florida group health insurance plan. Why is this?

With group health insurance in Florida; everyone that applies to be on the plan during the proper enrollment period is accepted, regardless of health history. With individual health insurance in Florida; the applicant goes through the medical underwriting process and the insurance company gets to decide whether to accept the applicant onto the plan. This means that of course FL individual health insurance is cheaper than FL group health insurance because with individual health the insurance company gets to pick and choose who they will extend coverage to (only relatively health people that meet their criteria) while on the group health insurance side an applicant may have cancer and be in the midst of chemotherapy and the group health insurance provider will still have to accept them onto the plan (it is important to note that with group health insurance in FL just because someone is accepted into the group health plan it is does not mean that all of their pre-existing conditions are covered – they must have prior creditable coverage meaning previous health insurance coverage for usually the last 6 months).

So, one easy way to save money on Florida health insurance is to choose an individual plan over a group plan. This is true even though it seems counter intuitive because we are used to the idea that with most things when you buy something in bulk it will be cheaper. Not so with health insurance in Florida (and most states for that matter) because of the differences in medical underwriting from group to individual. However, what happens if you are declined coverage with an individual health insurance plan in Florida because of health problems (pre-existing conditions)?

There are options for Florida residents that need health insurance but have major health problems such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other issues. One option is Florida COBRA health insurance if you are offered this group continuation coverage after leaving your employer. If you have maintained continuous coverage and you have no other health insurance options available to you (Medicare or any other individual health insurance options) then you may be eligible for a Florida HIPAA health insurance plan when your Florida COBRA health insurance coverage runs out. Sometimes it can be advantageous for a health insurance shopper to purchase a Florida indemnity health insurance policy because, although indemnity insurance plans provide a very limited benefit as compared to a regular full major medical Florida health insurance policy, the idea is still that some health insurance is better than none at all.

Whether you need Florida maternity insurance, Florida health insurance, Florida indemnity insurance, Florida guaranteed issue health insurance, or any other type of Florida health plan then use our free quote finder to get rate quotes from the best Florida health insurance companies in your home/work zip code. Take just a few moments and in less time than it takes to brush your teeth you can request free Florida health insurance quotes! Request FL health insurance quotes at the top of the page now!

Free Health Insurance Comparison

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