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Assurant Health Insurance Company Of Florida

Assurant Health Insurance Company of Florida offers a wide variety of FL health insurance coverage options including permanent and short term (6 months or less) to suit the needs of both individuals and small corporations (under 50 employees).

Assurant Healthcare of Florida has been in business since 1892 and is underwritten by three of the top sellers of temporary health insurance in the United States: Time Insurance Company, John Alden Life Insurance Company, and Union Security Insurance Company.

Assurant Health Insurance Company of Florida offers a variety of services and this article will help you to determine if they are right for you.

Assurant Florida Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Assurant Health Insurance Company was one of the first FL health insurance companies that provided Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), tax-deductible savings accounts that are paired with high deductible ($1,000 for individual, $2,000 for family – these numbers are indexed for inflation annually by the IRS) insurance plans.   The money deposited into a HSA can be withdrawn any time to pay for qualifying medical expenses.

Some of the advantages of having a HSA provided by Assurant Health Insurance Company include:

  • Greater control over your health care money – You can withdraw funds at any time for qualified medical expenses including co-pays, medical supplies and some over-the-counter items.
  • Broaden your range of health care – Your HSA funds can be used to cover medical expenses until your deductible is met as well as dental services and contact lenses.
  • Tax advantages – Contributions and distributions are tax-free.
  • Supplemental income upon retirement – At age 65 any accumulated funds can be withdrawn for medical expenses not covered by Medicare.  NOTE: Funds withdrawn for any other reason are subject to penalties and income tax.

Assurant Health Insurance Company Of Florida Coverage Options

No two people have the same needs, that is why Assurant Health Insurance Company offers these flexible options:

  • Individual deductible options from $500 to $10,000 and family deductible options from $1,000 to $15,000.
  • Assurant Health Insurance Company offers one of the industry’s highest lifetime maximum benefits starting at $2 million and going up to $8 million.
  • Prescription deductibles from $0 to $500.
  • Limited and unlimited doctor office co-pays from $20 to $40.

Besides these options, each plan automatically includes:

  • No limit on ICU.
  • Ground or air ambulance service.
  • Worldwide coverage.

Assurant Health: Additional Florida Health Insurance Plans

  • Student Select Health Insurance – Student Select is a renewable individual health plan for graduate and undergraduate college students.  It was designed for single students who are no longer covered on their parents’ health insurance policies.
  • International Individual Health Insurance – This provides insurance coverage for United States citizens traveling outside the country.  This is not something offered by every health insurance company and is almost a necessary option for those who do a lot of international traveling.
  • Dental/Vision Discount Card – Health insurance plans do not usually cover dental costs or vision coverage, including glasses or contacts.  Assurant Health offers a dental/vision discount card to help with these costs.  When you present this card at participating providers you will receive discounts between 10% and 50% on dental care including braces, crowns, extractions, fillings and oral surgery.  Discounts up to 50% are provided on glasses, contacts and Lasik surgery. 

Assurant FL Small Group Health Insurance Plans

Assurant Health Insurance Company offers small businesses with less than 50 employees group health insurance and offers three plans to choose from.

  • Real Choices I – This is available to the employer who wants to offer maximum coverage to his or her employees that meets their individual needs.
  • Real Choices II – This plan offers small businesses the most flexibility.
  • Real Choices III – This is the most affordable of the three plans and is ideal for first time health insurance buyers who want to provide their employees with basic benefits.

Assurant also provides the following additional coverage options to small businesses.

  • Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Short Term and Dental Insurance.
  • Assurant Discount Card – Provides up to 60% in discounts for health-related products and services including contacts, glasses and vitamins. 

Assurant Health: Florida Provider Networks

  • Assurant Health Plus
  • Evolutions
  • First Health Network
  • Great West Health Care
  • Beech Street
  • PHCS

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