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Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company Of Florida

As the oldest, largest health plan provider in the state of Florida, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is a very well established company. It all began in 1944 when the Florida Hospital Service Corporation founded Blue Cross. Two years later, in 1946, the Florida Medical Service Corporation founded Blue Shield of Florida. By 1980, the two companies had merged to form the present company of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Today, Blue Cross Blue Shield and its subsidiaries provide services to over 8.6 million Florida residents. In health care alone, Blue Cross Blue Shield provides care for 4.1 million Florida residents. That’s over 30% of the market share in Florida – more than double the nearest competitors share. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida also enjoys strong financial ratings. Standard and Poor’s has given an A+ rating to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, while A.M. Best gave an A rating, and Moody’s also gave an A financial rating.

With its subsidiaries, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida focuses its energies in three main areas: 1) Health Business, 2) Life and Specialty Ventures, including life, disability, dental, long-term and third party administration insurance products, and 3) Governmental business, including Medicare administration and diversification.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Florida Health Plans

Florida Group Health Insurance

If you’re a member of a small employer group (less than 50 employees) or large group (more than 50 employees) then you may be eligible for one of the group health insurance products that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida offers.


BlueOptions offers three different routes for purchasers of group health insurance. The first option is Predictable Cost Plans. Predictable Cost Plans offer tried-and-trusted coverage with predictable co-payments, for the most commonly used services. They make sense if you want to know your costs upfront to better make health care decisions.

The second option is the conventional plans. BlueOptions Conventional Plans offer comprehensive medical coverage at an affordable cost. Plans offer well care and preventative care with no deductibles, low, predictable co-payments for network physician office visits, and fixed co-payments on other covered services from select providers. There are no referrals required, and you can maximize your savings by using Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Florida provider network, NetworkBlue.

A third option is the HSA – Compatible Plans. BlueOptions HSA-Compatible Plans allow you to use tax-free contributions to help cover out-of-pocket health care expenses, including qualified deductibles, and coinsurance. These plans offer lower premiums because of the higher deductibles that are covered by HSA contributions. HSA accounts are portable, so you can take it with you if you change jobs. These plans also offer lower premiums because of the higher deductibles that are covered by HSA contributions.

Lower Cost Plans are another option. BlueOptions Lower Cost Plans are lower cost, but not lower value. These plans offer comprehensive medical coverage with lower premiums than conventional plans, made possible with higher out-of-pocket limits and cost-sharing features. 20% to 50% coinsurance on covered services after deductible is satisfied Lower co-payments for in-network Family Physician office visits.

Limited benefit plans are once again, another option. These lower-priced plans are great if you want medical coverage, but don’t want to pay for benefits you might not use. These Limited Benefit Plans offer coverage for major illnesses and emergencies requiring hospitalization or surgery. This type of plan works for individuals who are basically healthy and do not need extra medical care.

In addition to the options in Blue Choice for groups, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida also offers PPO – BlueChoice® for Groups, HMO – BlueCare® for Groups, and Waiver Plans for Large Groups (50 or more employees only).

Florida Individual & Family Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida has many options with its individual and family health insurance products. In addition to all of the options outlined in the group health insurance products, Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers other options for the individual. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers BlueOptions Temporary Insurance. BlueOptions Temporary Insurance was designed for individuals between jobs, just starting out or waiting for benefits to kick-in with a new employer. Temporary Insurance coverage offers major medical benefits in increments of 30, 60, 90 or 180 days, with an option to renew up to a maximum of 180 days per 12-month period. This plan includes coverage for a full range of hospital and physician services with no referrals, and you can choose any provider or facility, in-network (NetworkBlue) or out-of network. Plus, this policy is available without medical underwriting and is considered Creditable Coverage for when you are ready for long-term health coverage from BCBSF.

BCBS of Florida Medicare Health Insurance Products

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida also offers health policies to supplement or replace your Medicare coverage. Features include:

Physician and Hospital Network – Advantage65SM Select B & D
Hospital Network only with Preventive Care – Advantage65SM Select E
Hospital Network only with Medical Underwriting – Advantage65SM Premier Select B & D
Medicare Supplement – CompCoverage® A, B, C, D, F
BlueMedicare PFFS
BlueMedicare PPO
BlueMedicare HMO
BlueMedicare Rx (Medicare Part D)

Besides basic health plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida also offers coverage for Individual & Family Dental, Group Dental, Life Coverage – should something unexpected should happen to you, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) and Loss of Sight Insurance (LifeEssentials) policies.

Long Term Care Insurance is also offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. It provides care for those who have experienced a disabling accident or illness and can no longer perform daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and eating without assistance. It also helps to protect financial savings from the high costs of skilled nursing, adult day care, assisted living and home health care.

Another great way to manage health care costs is through the use of an employer-funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida offers administrative services to employers establishing an HRA with their health insurance plan.

In addition, contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA) can give members additional tax savings and provide money for health-related expenses. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida offers high-deductible health benefit plans designed to be paired with an HSA.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of FL: Additional Services

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida members have help choosing a hospital with the help of a web-based tool, Hospital Advisor. With access to critical information, members can determine whether a hospital meets their standards of satisfaction. Data provided includes:

  • A hospital, clinical and quality experience outcomes with a variety of procedures.
  • Complication and infection rates per facility.
  • Technological capabilities available.

Stay Fit for Sports is another option Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida uses to give you the tools and resources to maintain an active and healthy way of life. Through Stay Fit for Sports, you can go to an online provider directory to identify physicians that are trained to treat sports and fitness related conditions.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. also offers solutions to help manage workplace risk and provide managed care coverage for employees who are injured on the job. They offer two types of Workers’ Compensation products including: Third Party Administration and Fully-Insured Plans.

If you travel a lot or are planning on taking a trip overseas, BlueCard Worldwide® provides access to health care when you travel overseas. It’s free and available to all BCBSF members who are eligible for the BlueCard® Program. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida also offers BlueWorldwide ExpatSM : a comprehensive health care coverage offered to groups with employees living overseas at least six months a year. In addition to worldwide health coverage, international dental and vision plans are available.

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