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Humana One Health Insurance Company Of Florida

Humana One Health Insurance Company of Florida is a well-respected insurance company. If you are looking for a health insurance company in FL, Humana One provides basic health insurance plans and advantage plans.

Choosing Humana One as your health insurance company in Florida means that you are dealing with a top rated company by A.M. Best and which is listed on the Fortune 500 list of companies.

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Humana One Health Insurance Company Of Florida – Advantages 

Why should you choose Humana One Health Insurance Company of Florida for your healthcare needs? Here are some good reasons for considering this company:

  1. Large Network of Healthcare Providers: Your doctor may already be part of the network! 
  2. Benefits are Portable: If you move to another state, your benefits move with you. (Your rate may need to be adjusted based on your new zip code, but you will not be required to reapply for coverage – as long as Humana One offers coverage in the state that you are moving to.)
  3. Stable Rates: With Humana One Health Insurance Company of Florida, your rate will stay stable for the first year, as long as don’t change your plan or move to a different area.

Humana One Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans 

The Humana One Health Insurance Company of Florida offers the following coverage options to its customers:

  1. Humana One Portrait Coverage: This option provides coverage that is similar to employer insurance plans. If you choose the Humana One Portrait Coverage for your healthcare needs, you will be covered for 80% of the cost of visits to the Emergency Room and medical costs (within your network of healthcare providers and hospitals). For in-network doctor visits, after co-payment, the plan provides 100% coverage. Prescriptions are covered at a rate of 100% after you have reached your deductible.
  2. Humana One Autograph Coverage: Choose the Humana Autograph option if you want the flexibility to choose your own level of coverage. Customers can choose from plans that pay either 70, 80, or 100% of the cost of medical care and prescription medications once you have reached your deductible. Subscribers to this Plan can choose their own deductible, which means they have some control over their premium costs. Humana Autograph plans can also be used in along with a Health Savings Account, which can offer distinct tax advantages to subscribers.
  3. Humana One Monogram Coverage: In a situation where you don’t want to be limited by healthcare provider networks, the Humana One Monogram coverage is a good choice. Your monthly premium gives you insurance coverage to see the doctor of your choice anywhere in the continental U.S. This Plan would appeal to people who are basically healthy but who want to have coverage for annual physical check-ups. Once you have reached your annual deductible, the Humana One Monogram Plan pays 100% of approved healthcare costs. Prescription medications are included in the Plan.

Humana One Health Insurance Company Of Florida – Additional Benefits Available

In addition to the coverage listed above, subscribers can choose to add the following types of coverage to their Plan:

  1. Dental Coverage: Humana One’s dental insurance, also includes orthodontic care.
  2. Increased Lifetime Maximum: You have the option of increasing your lifetime medical coverage to $8 million, giving you peace of mind if you are ever in an accident or require extensive medical care as the result of an illness.
  3. Term Life Insurance: If you have already been accepted by Humana One Health Insurance Company of Florida for your healthcare coverage, you can buy $150,000.00 in life insurance coverage without having to provide any additional information. (You are already approved.) You can add additional life insurance to your Plan; the company sells policies with limits in excess of $1 million.

Humana One Health Insurance Company Of Florida – Applying For Coverage 

When you apply for coverage through Humana One Health Insurance Company of Florida, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. The Plan You are Interesting in Buying
  2. The Date You Want Your Coverage to Start
  3. The Names of Doctors You Have Seen (including addresses and phone numbers)
  4. A List of Medications You Are Taking (include prescribed dosage and frequency)
  5. Dates of Any Hospital Stays

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